Stellargold & KitToken: More Token Sales accepting CAS!

Dear Cashaa Family,

Exciting news! CAS token is getting accepted by an increasing number of token sales.

Following our announcement about The Times Group backed Bubblo accepting CAS, two more token sales have now announced that they’ll follow suit!

KitToken, an ambitious cryptocurrency company based in Malaysia and Singapore that aims to create a financial ecosystem wherein Kit Tokens (KIT) will be used both as a currency and as a long term dividend-gaining entity, has announced during its official launch at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore that it will accept CAS in its token sale that commenced on the 20th of July 2018.

Please view KitToken’s official launch here:

As a special offer for the Cashaa community, every ICO participant contributing by CAS will get 10% more bonus on top of the regular timeline-defined bonus.

Stellargold, an eco-friendly solar mining farm whose token sale is ongoing but whose mining activities have already started, will also offer special treatment for members of the Cashaa community.

It will offer all investors an additional 10% more bonus tokens if contributing by CAS on top of the regular timeline-defined bonus. As an added gesture of goodwill, Stellargold pledges to hold all received CAS tokens for a minimum period of 12 months. They can afford to do this since the Stellargold ICO has already raised enough capital to date to fund the project.

This is great news as Cashaa continues to reach further heights of awareness and adoption. More and more people are beginning to recognise the tremendous potential of Cashaa’s upcoming features for businesses wishing to conduct a token sale.

In this regard, it is not just about accepting CAS as payment. If these businesses conduct compliant token sales, they will also be able to obtain a business banking facility and conduct their AML/KYC checks using our systems. In this way, innovative projects can focus on doing what they do best without having to deal with compliance issues.

Please let us know if you know of any other interesting projects that would benefit from Cashaa’s business features and would be interested in accepting CAS for their token sales.

Cheers to great times ahead!

Team Cashaa

Websites for the ICOs mentioned above:



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