Kumar’s Communication Strategy for Community

Dear Cashaa Family,

I am very proud of having such a wonderful community from which many great initiatives are coming to create a next generation banking platform. Blockchain revolution has done a great job in combining the ecosystem of Investor, team and customer in one ecosystem to progress the company as community where everyone is looking for token growth. But sometimes, in absence of information, things which are not true lead to FUD. I would like to make use of this opportunity to address some FUD which keeps coming back and come up with a communication strategy plan to avoid it.

  1. Why CAS is not on big Exchanges?

Exchanges list tokens when they notice that community wants to trade them. We have more than 8000 CAS token holders who registered for POS reward which means we have around 8000 active users. I request you to please be active on social media and participate in the voting, referral process and help get CAS listed on the exchanges. If community is not proactive on social media, then company is left with no other choice but to pay millions of dollars, which is not possible for a company like CASHAA whose main vision is to build the product and avoid pumping and dumping of tokens by listing on big exchanges. We believe in the organic growth of our token, instead of boosting it with fake steroids. This will give all of us the opportunity to communicate our message to many other people who can buy the tokens for cheap before CAS gets listed on bigger exchanges.

2. Why Cashaa does not have Viral Marketing ?

I have to accept Cashaa is not doing any marketing, and people who bought CAS token during the Token sale know this, we did not have Youtube videos with girls or futuristic animation videos of creating a hi fi technology, neither banner ads all over the internet running with promising returns. Now, some have been wondering why we are not having big advertising initiatives running which can give us more exposure. As a company which wants to be regulated, all such initiatives can backfire on Cashaa and can jeopardize the main vision. So it’s better Cashaa focuses on building the product and leaves advertising to the community until our product is out.

If we see in history no legitimate project required viral marketing, the product itself needs to speak and the community has to drive the adoption and marketing. Does Bitcoin do viral marketing? Does Ethereum run the banner for promising returns? No, the community believed in the product and after a level, the world realized that what has been built is amazing, then the price skyrocketed.

I feel funny how token sales have now a solution and are trying to find a problem for it and are doing token sales vs Cashaa which is solving one of the biggest problems which the crypto community has, the lack of bank accounts with the ability to make Bitcoin spendable to bridge the old and new money. Companies doing an ICO are not getting bank accounts in the absence of not following proper compliance, and this is the problem Cashaa is solving.

Also, I am glad to see that the Litecoin Foundation finally coming up as a competition to Cashaa, by acquiring a stake in a European bank. This is a good news as I personally believe we need more projects like Cashaa who understood the serious need for a banking solution for crypto and are able to do it in a regulated and compliant way.

3. Github Code?

Furthermore, we as a community many times also encounter questions such as why our source code is not up on Github like other open source projects. The answer is simple:

When it comes to companies who want to be in a regulated market (banks, insurance, trading) it is even more complicated due to regulations. Do we have Ripple source code on Github, do we have Binance code out, NO. But as a Cashaa CEO, I understand that our community is our strength, and we need to keep them informed. Also, as Cashaa now has dedicated teams working on parallel tasks, we all meet weekly and combine our tasks and update each other. I proposed to my Board that we also create a view for our community members and pass on this information so that the community feels informed about each activity happening in Cashaa. I am also proud to say that now Cashaa has its own team of developers on Cashaa’s payroll and not taking technology services from other companies. We will be responsible for our own success without depending on other companies.

The new communication strategy will help the community to know the entire team and get familiar. Also, it’s good to be aware that I am not the only person working on Cashaa, but there are many more experienced people from huge banks and Fortune 500 companies that are working towards the Cashaa goals.

Cashaa from August onwards will have the following kinds of regular updates:

Monthly Cashaa Update

After each month I will keep you updated about the overall monthly development in key areas. This will be an article, video glimpse with Live/recorded video call with me to answer the community questions.

Topics Covered:

1. Product Update: extended to technical development, regulatory or licensing development

2. Partnerships: Business Development and Alliances formation

3. CAS Token & Exchanges (Trends seen in CAS token — Volumes, price etc., listing on new exchanges)

4. Events & Meetups (Events and meetups organised)

5. Community Corner (Articles, Videos, Winners of different community programmes, answering any community questions)

Bi-weekly “Leadership Update”

Leadership update at a glimpse and discuss what Cashaa leaders do every week, and report on the development made in their respective areas. In the bi-weekly “leadership update”, we will update the community about the development and progress made on different areas to deliver the product.

These meetings will keep us updated on the overall health of the project and progress in each department, and if they are able to identify any gaps before it’s late.

Topics covered:

  1. Management: e.g. on process flows, sprint business objectives
  2. Business development: Banking partners, other partners (e.g. KYC, customer service partners)
  3. Platform development: Tech development and any proposed architecture for upcoming modules
  4. QA & testing: Test reports number, bugs identified and fixed
  5. Customer service: Tickets solved, major ticket issues
  6. Marketing & Community Engagement: Achievements and concerns of community, token growth
  7. Human resources: Interviews conducted, policies implemented

These meeting updates will help you to know the overall update directly through Video and articles each leader handling them, and have you informed about the each and everything happening inside Cashaa.

Bi-weekly “Sprint Technical Updates”

Cashaa is following agile methodology and following best practises set by Priyakant, Shibu and Dhanasekaran who come from leading financial institutions and Fortune 500 companies. The team is doing every week a technical Sprint, where the developers and team leaders case the technical developments and report to each other on the progress made in their respective area.

In the bi-weekly “Sprint Technical updates”, we’ll bring the community the insides of this meeting with live videos to show the technical development happening against each milestone. Each tech leader will showcase what he/she did in the last one week and what are his/her next deliverables to make sure we are following our release timeline.

Topics covered:

  1. Modules development : With live demo if possible
  2. Technology Integration : With live demo if possible

Please give your comments on it, and let me know how we can empower you and enhance the communication between team and community.

I hope these updates will keep the Cashaa community updated of what’s happening and where we are in terms of development, in a completely transparent way.

Looking forward to our way ahead together!

Best Regards,

Kumar Gaurav

Founder & CEO Cashaa

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