Cashaa announces African Payments Alliance!

Dear Cashaa Family,

We are delighted to announce that Cashaa has announced the African Payments Alliance!

Founded by Kumar Gaurav, The African Payments Alliance brings together mid and late stage African financial services companies as an authoritative financial Blockchain consortium in Africa. “The main vision is to use each other’s capability and implement Blockchain technology developed by Cashaa” said Gaurav.

Earlier this month South Africa’s central bank completed a two week proof­ of­ concept programme which settled the country’s 70,000 daily payment transactions within two hours while preserving full anonymity. The trial featured a consortium of banks which included Investec PLC and First National Bank.

South Africa is in the process of implementing regulations for cryptocurrencies which are expected to help cultivate the market. Also Ghana wants to implement a new crypto framework as part of the Payments Systems and Services Bill, following the issuance of its first official digital currency.

Our VP Sales (Africa), Simo Mcunu also commented “There has been a lot of business development done in Africa that can potentially see the Auxledger being mass adopted by two of the largest African financial services conglomerates that have a combined market cap of 500B. Cashaa will be leading this consortium and has already signed partnerships that put Cashaa in over 40 African countries.

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